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Guide to Warranty Items

Although the 2-10 Builder’s Warranty and Waverly’s home standards are comprehensive, certain areas of home maintenance and wear are the responsibility of the home owner.  The following is a guide to these items which cannot be submitted through Buildertrend for repair, as they are not under the warranty program.  Please read carefully and familiarize yourself with this warranty guide.

For a complete reference to what is covered by warranty, here is a link to the warranty booklet.

Common Questions:

  • Improper surface drainage – builder is only responsible for initially establishing the proper grades and drainage away from Home. You are responsible for maintaining such grades.
  • Soil erosion – builder is not responsible for soil erosion due to acts of God, weather conditions, property alterations by the homeowner, construction on adjacent properties, etc.
  • Grassed or landscaped areas – builder is not responsible for grassed or landscaped areas which are damaged by others, including any work performed by public or private utility companies.
  • Concrete cracks/foundation wall – cracks less than ¼ inch are not deficiencies
  • Concrete cracks/garage floor slab – cracks less than 3/16 inch are not deficiencies.
  • Concrete cracks/patio slab and sidewalks – cracks less than ¼ inch are not deficiencies
  • Concrete cracking, settling, or heaving of stoops and steps – cracks less than 1” are not deficiencies
  • Floor squeaks – a totally squeakproof floor cannot be guaranteed. Builder will not remove floor or ceiling finishes.
  • Finish carpentry/unsatisfactory quality of finished interior trim – joints between moldings and adjacent surfaces less than 1/8 inch are not deficiencies
  • Finish carpentry/interior trim is split – splits, cracks, and checking less than 1/8 inch in width are not deficiencies
  • Sound transmission between rooms, floor levels, etc. – no coverage
  • Ventilation & Moisture control /water accumulates in a vented crawlspace – builder is not responsible for water accumulation caused by failure by You to maintain the properly established grades, drainage structures and swales.
  • Roofing /Roof or flashing leaks – where cause of leaks is determined to result from severe weather conditions such as ice and snow build up, high winds and driven rains, such leaks are not deficiencies.
  • Roofing/Roof shingles have blown off – Shingles that blow off in winds less than the manufacturer’s standards or specifications due to a manufacturing defect in the shingles are the manufacturer’s responsibility. Shingles that blow off in winds greater than 60 miles per hour are not deficiencies.
  • Roofing/defective shingles – No coverage.
  • Doors/Excessive opening at the bottom of interior doors – less than 1 ½ inch is not a deficiency.
  • Garage door fails to operate or fit properly – no adjustment is required when cause is determined to result from anyone but Builder’s or Builder’s subcontractors’ installation of an electric door opener.
  • Windows/condensation or frost on window frames and glass – no coverage.
  • Hardware/A doorknob, deadbolt, or lockset does not operate smoothly – builder will adjust, repair, or replace knobs that are not damaged by abuse, one time only during the Warranty Term.
  • Finishes/Drywall cracks – cracks less than 1/16th inch in width are not deficiencies.
  • Finishes/Nail pops, blisters, or other blemish is visible on finished wall or ceiling – if they are not visible from 6 feet away then it is not considered a deficiency. Depressions or slight mounds at nail heads are not considered deficiencies. Builder is not responsible for nail pops or blisters that are not visible, such as those covered by wallpaper.
  • Hard surfaces/Flooring is broken or loose – cracking and loosening of flooring caused by Your negligence is not a deficiency. Builder is not responsible for color and pattern variations or discontinued patterns of the manufacturer.
  • Hard surfaces/cracks appear in grouting between tile and countertop – open cracks or loose grouting, where the wall surface abuts the countertop is considered Your maintenance and any resultant damage to other finish surfaces due to leaks are not considered deficiencies.
  • Painting/Exterior paint peels or deteriorates – Fading is normal and subject to the orientation of painted surfaces to the climactic conditions which may prevail in the area. Fading is not a deficiency.
  • Painting/Mildew or fungus form on painted or factory finished surfaces – mildew or fungus that forms on a painted or factory finished surface is subject to various exposures is not a deficiency. No coverage.
  • Painting/Paint splatters and smears on finish surfaces – minor paint splatter and smears on impervious surfaces that can be easily removed by normal cleaning methods are considered to be Your maintenance and are not deficiencies.
  • Carpeting/Carpet does not meet at the seams – carpet material is not covered under the Warranty.
  • Carpeting/Color variations in carpet – No coverage.
  • Carpeting/Carpet loosens or stretchs – one time only during the Warranty period.
  • Plumbing/faucet or valve leak – leakage caused by worn or defective washers or seals are your maintenance item.
  • Plumbing/Defective plumbing fixtures, appliances, or trim fittings – Defective plumbing fixtures, appliances, and trim fittings are covered under their manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Plumbing/Water in plumbing pipes freezes & pipes burst – Burst pipes due to Your neglect and resultant damage are not Builder responsibility.
  • Plumbing/Sanitary sewers, fixtures, waste or drain lines are clogged – the Builder is not responsible for sewers, fixtures, or drains that are clogged because of Your actions or negligence. Builder is not responsible for sewer lines that extend beyond the property lines on which the Home is constructed.
  • Appliances (fridge, washer & dryer, dishwasher) are covered by manufacturer’s warranty.