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Energy Efficiency


Between the slab foundation and sprayfoam attic insulation,
we are the leading energy efficient builder in the region!

Built to Perform

At Waverly Homes we strive to build not just beautiful homes, but efficient structures that perform better than our competitors. This performance means you have a more comfortable home that is less expensive to heat, cool, and maintain.

Third Party Energy Certification

We have a record of being the most energy-efficient builder in Clark County. Upon completion each home is given an EPS score, a score on the energy scale that ranges from zero to 200+ and is based on home energy use of natural gas, electricity, or energy generated from an installed renewable system.

Slab on Grade Foundation

This is a superior foundation to post & beam. How it’s done: (1) we pour traditional exterior footings, most of which are continuous footings, (2) we fill the inside of the foundation with compacted fill (crushed rock), (3) two full layers of structural rigid foam are installed on top of the crushed rock, (4) vapor barrier, reinforcing, and utilities are installed, (5) 4″ slab is poured. This method achieves an R-10 insulation rating.

Performs better than post and beam:

  • Less maintenance required due to lack of crawl space.
  • Better resistance to pest intrusion.
  • House is lower to grade which keeps lots, drives, and patios flatter and more usable.
  • Fewer squeaks on the first floor
  • Its waterproof, if a leak occurs the structure of the floor won’t be compromised.


Sprayfoam Attic Insulation

This process creates a thick layer of powerful thermal insulation, filling all the gaps and cracks in your attic. This also protects against high moisture levels, mold, and pests.

An average house can lose up to 40% of its energy through heat loss and air filtration. Since spray foam insulation seals off all gaps, it substantially reduces energy costs.