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The Path To Building Your Dream Custom Home

The Path To Building Your Dream Custom Home

What is the Process For Building A Custom Home with Waverly Homes?

We’ve broken it down to make it easy to understand and navigate!  Waverly Homes can also help with any or all stages to meet you where you are  – whether you need to find land, go through the design, permitting and loan process, or already have everything in place and just want to work with an incredible and knowledgable builder.

James Dumont is our Custom & Renovation Superintendent, and he’s amazing.  He loves working with people who have the vision (or need help to refine it!) of what they want, and then making it happen.

Here are the most common steps to success:

  1.  DESIGN: Meet with the Waverly build team to discuss style of home, layout/floor plan, and how you envision living day to day. At this meeting we will discuss features and finishes to ensure we can work within your budget and timeline. Floor plans can be designed for you from scratch by Waverly Design or you can provide blueprints.
  2. CONSTRUCTION FINANCING: We recommend that clients meet with at least two lenders who specialize in construction loans to learn about construction financing. This step helps establish the total budget for the build.
  3. LOT/LAND: A site visit is a must! Walk the property with a Waverly build team member to discuss home placement, access to utilities, and possible septic system. At this point Waverly will review the lot to make sure there are not any restrictions, unusual conditions, or environmental pit-falls.
  4. FINALIZING PLANS: Upon completion of the home design you can start selecting finishes before the plans are sent out for bids. Finishes include plumbing, appliances, cabinets, countertops, lights and flooring.
  5. BUILDING SPECIFICATIONS: This is a critical step in the bidding process, where the team works together to list all the selections and allowance items to ensure that we can provide you with an accurate quote. The bidding process takes about two weeks.
  6. CONTRACT: Congratulations! We are ready to complete a contract to build your new home! This includes the plans, specifications and plot map describing the location of the home and driveway on the lot. These items become part of the lenders packet. The bank then appraises the home and the loan will fund. Once this happens Waverly will apply for the building permit!
  7. CONSTRUCTION: All of the hard work that has gone into design and planning come together during the construction phase. Communication is critical, and Waverly uses a cloud-based construction portal called BuilderTrend so you’ll have access to up-to-date information on your home build. You should expect to do on-site meetings at framing, rough-in electrical, and before sheetrock.
  8. NEW HOME ORIENTATION: Your new home is complete! The builder will walk the home with you to explain the different systems and go over basic operations of the house. You’ll learn about the Builder-Backed Home Warranty (through the 2-10 Program), and about any manufacturer warranties.

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