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We’ve Been Featured in The Reflector!

We’ve Been Featured in The Reflector!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been featured in The Reflector!

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Heritage County Estates brings farmhouse footprint to La Center

Waverly Homes, a family realty company based in Vancouver, plans to build up to 60 state-of-the-art farmhouses for the new Heritage County Estates neighborhood located at E. Spruce Ave. in La Center.

These 2,000- to 3,000-square foot homes feature barn style doors, a wrap around driveway to a garage that can hold two or three cars, hardwood floors, quartz countertops in the kitchen, gas fireplaces designed with cultured stone or wood mantels, a master bathroom with a soaking tub and a tiled shower and up to four more bedrooms.

Vice President Liz Rondeau owns Waverly Homes with her husband Bob. Daughters Leslie Simpson and Sara Sheets are the real estate brokers and their husbands Brett Simpson and Brad Sheets help plan, design and construct the homes.

“Most people walk into a model home and see $50,000 plus worth of upgrades in that model home. Our pricing is completely transparent. What you see is what you get,” Leslie said.

To prevent buyers from feeling that sticker shock, these homes come with a refrigerator, washer, dryer and choices of hardwood floor, countertop and cabinet styles.

“The goal for our residents is just move in. It’s not move in and, ‘oh, I got to buy a refrigerator or I’ve got to buy blinds.’ Blinds are a pretty big ticket item when you just paid out of pocket,” Brett said. “So, getting them all in the house and getting them all situated so they can just move in with their furniture. Having all of this covered in their finances is very important to people. They don’t have to move into a house and then shell out another $15,000 to make it livable.”

Liz Rondeau believes the front porches add flair to these homes. There’s enough room to set up tables and chairs and gather with neighbors.

“That’s one of the things I think will be a nice selling point in this neighborhood,” Rondeau said. “It gives sort of a friendlier feel. People can spend time hanging out on the front porch.”

Brett Simpson thinks the farmhouse design captures the spirit of La Center perfectly.

“I kind of feel like this fits the character of La Center a little bit better,” he said. “It’s less of the stark contrast of a new development being dumped in.”

Visitors to this new La Center community agree.

“The feedback we are getting from buyers coming through is they love that we are doing something different,” Leslie Simpson said. “Someone came through who lives in a 100-year old farmhouse in La Center. She loved that these homes had some of those elements and character.”

“My house was built in 1928,” Brett Simpson recalled the woman saying. “I love that it’s 2018 and this home looks like it could be from 1928.”

“Except that it’s got the vaulted ceilings, modern technology and energy efficiency,” Liz Rondeau added.

Potential buyers may also appreciate the nooks and crannies of these homes. There are sliding doors in the master bedroom that lead to the bathroom and the walk-in closet. The kitchen also has a walk-in pantry. And since the driveway extends to the back of the home, this is an ideal setting for a basketball court.

“A lot of thought goes into these homes. A lot of planning and a lot of focus on those details that we really take pride in,” Leslie Simpson said. “We’re definitely not trying to do things the easiest or the most economical way. We are trying to do things the best way.”

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