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Beat The Heat!

Beat The Heat!

Welcome to the heat of summer!

What are you doing to beat the heat this July?

Waverly Homes has some great tips to keep your home more comfortable, and efficient!

  1. Close your blinds against the sun.  This is easy in a Waverly Home, all of our homes come with blinds included!
  2. Turn on your air conditioner.  This one is simple- the harder part is keeping that cool air in!  Although our stellar efficiency ratings help with that, small children and pets can quickly undermine the impact of triple-paned windows and slab-on-grade foundations.  ‘
  3. Don’t put your computer in your lap.  Also pretty simple…did you know that the uncomfortable heat of a laptop is why laptops are now called notebooks?  To re-adjust the expectation that the portable computer should be on your lap!
  4. Have a popsicle.  Cooling down from in the inside-out is a delicious and easy way to combat the dog days of summer.  Even better?  Invite over a neighbor and make it a popsicle party!
  5. Stay hydrated…and don’t forget any furry friends who need plenty of water too!
  6. Spritz yourself.  Keep a small spray bottle diffuser handy and treat yourself to an instant spa treatment.  Pro tip: Infuse the water with lavendar or rose petals.

Looking for the perfect home to stay cool in?  Call Waverly Homes to tour a new home in Hidden Glen, our lovely community of new construction and energy efficient homes in Vancouver, WA.

Still need other ideas to stay cool?  Check out this link for even more approaches!

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