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What do you need to know about building a Custom Home with Waverly Homes?


What do you need to know about building a Custom Home with Waverly Homes?

Are you considering building your dream home in Vancouver, WA…or Washougal, Camas, Ridgefield, La Center, Felida, Hockinson/Brush Prairie, Battleground or Woodland?

What is stopping you from embarking on a custom home building adventure?

There are only a few moving pieces, right?  😉

Waverly Homes is on a mission to help you.  We recognize how overwhelming it can be to consider building your own custom home- you have to consider land acquisition, design/engineering, permitting, selecting finishes, coordinating sub-contractors, setting and adhering to a budget…tasks that demand a massive amount of time, energy and attention to detail.  We’re proud to announce that in addition to our in-house design/permitting team (experienced with working with both the city of Vancouver and Clark County), we now have a Custom Homes Supervisor on our team.

We’ve created a system to minimize the stress for our valued home builder clients, while maximizing the WOW results.

Here’s an overview of the home building process and questions to ask, to shine a spotlight on the areas where we can help!

  1. Buy land if you don’t already own some.
    1. You will need to either pay cash for the land, get a land loan from a bank, buy land from the seller with owner financing, or find a seller willing to wait for you to get house plans and a building permit. Buying the land with a land loan first allows you to take the land off the market so others cannot buy it before you do. It also allows you plenty of time to pick out house plans, submit the plans to the county for approval and obtain a building permit all while obtaining the best construction loan.  You can include the land into the construction loan only if you already own the land with a land balance to add into the construction loan.
  2. Decide who to hire as your builder.
    1. How do they manage construction costs?
    2. Which local lenders do they have relationships with?  The best banks with the best rates require a builder or supervisor
    3. What is their experience in managing contractors to finish on time or to show up for work?
    4. Check with a trusted home inspector- who do they recommend?
      1. Here’s a story we love to tell- we recently sold a home to a woman who was moving from Colorado.  How did she find us?  She found the top-rated Home Inspector on Yelp in Vancouver, called him, and asked who he recommended.  His top choice?  Waverly Homes.
  3. Choose your house plan.
    1. Waverly Homes has a library of home plans/blueprints to choose from.  We love helping our clients to choose the perfect plan based on their needs, dreams and budget.  We’re also happy to work with outside plans and take them through the drafting, engineering and permitting process with our in-house design team.
  4.  Know what goes into the Estimated Cost Breakdown of your home.
    1.  This is the breakdown of each particular cost of construction of the home. The foundation, lumber, framing, plumbing, heating, electrical, painting, and builder’s cost, etc. The builder usually completes this form to show you exactly what it will cost to build your new home. The most important thing to remember here is that you do not want to underbid any line item and you do not want to overbid any line item. You want accurate numbers from real bids (not guesses) and a 5% contingency for cost overruns
  5. Review the Contract.
    1. Be sure you understand the timelines, costs, obligations and contingencies.

I hope that this helped you get a better feel for the process of building a custom home, and how Waverly Homes can serve you.

Please feel free to call at (360) 828-5006 or e-mail sara@mywaverlyhomes.com if I can help answer any questions or connect about your dream project!

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