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2 stories, 4 bedrooms + den, 3 bathrooms,  great room,  covered patio,  3 car garage, fully landscaped, irrigation system, fence 2280_MAIN FLOOR 01-25-10 2280 UPPER FLOOR...

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Walk-in pantry, Great Room, Den, Covered Patio, Fully landscaped, Irrigation System, Fenced 2398 MAIN FLOOR 01-25-10 2398 UPPER FLOOR...

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2 stories, 3 bedrooms + den, 2.5 bathrooms,Walk-in pantry, Great room, Covered patio, 2 car garage, Fully landscaped, irrigation system, fence. 2398 MAIN FLOOR 01-25-10 2398 UPPER FLOOR...

view the listing


2 stories, 4 bedrooms + den, 3 bathrooms, Great room, Covered patio, 3 car garage, Fully landscaped, irrigation system, fence. 2280_MAIN FLOOR 01-25-10 2280 UPPER FLOOR...

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2 stories, 4 bedrooms + den, 3 bathrooms, Great room, Covered patio, 3 car garage, Fully landscaped, irrigation system, fence. 2280_MAIN FLOOR 01-25-10 2280 UPPER FLOOR...

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2 stories, Master bedroom on main floor, 4 bedrooms + bonus room, 2.5 bathrooms, Great room, Covered patio, 2 car garage, Fully landscaped, irrigation system, fence 2470 MAIN FLOOR...

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2 stories, 4 bedrooms + den, 2.5 bathrooms, Great room, Covered patio, 2 car garage, Fully landscaped, irrigation system, fence. 2089 MAIN FLOOR 01-25-10 2089 UPPER FLOOR...

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2 stories, 4 bedrooms + den, 2.5 bathrooms, Great room, Covered patio, 2 car garage, Fully landscaped, irrigation system, fence. 2089 MAIN FLOOR 01-25-10 2089 UPPER FLOOR...

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2 stories, 3 bedrooms + den, 2.5 bathrooms, Great room, Covered patio, 2 car garage, Fully landscaped, irrigation system, fence. 1860 MAIN FLOOR PLAN 01-25-10 1860 UPPER FLOOR PLAN...

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2 stories, 3 bedrooms + den, 2.5 bathrooms, Great room, Covered patio, 2 car garage, Fully landscaped, irrigation system, fence. 1860 MAIN FLOOR PLAN 01-25-10 1860 UPPER FLOOR PLAN...

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2 stories, 4 bedrooms + den, 2.5 bathrooms, Great room, Covered patio, Tandem 3 car garage, Fully landscaped, irrigation system, fence. 2588 MAIN FLOOR 01-25-10 2588 UPPER FLOOR...

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2 stories, 4 bedrooms + bonus room, 2.5 bathrooms, Great room, Covered patio, Tandem 3 car garage, Fully landscaped, irrigation system, fence. 2588 MAIN FLOOR 01-25-10 2588 UPPER FLOOR...

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2 stories, 4 bedrooms + den, 3 bathrooms, Great room, Covered patio, 3 car garage, Fully landscaped, irrigation system, fence. 2884 MAIN FLOOR 01-25-10 2884 UPPER FLOOR...

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2 stories, 4 bedrooms + den, 3 bathrooms, Great room, Covered patio, 3 car garage, Fully landscaped, irrigation system, fence. 2884 MAIN FLOOR 01-25-10 2884 UPPER FLOOR...

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